New Florence

119 Franklin Street
P.O. Box 272
New Florence PA 15944

New Florence

119 Franklin Street
P.O. Box 272
New Florence PA 15944


The News section is a collection of all the information that’s been posted in the past to the borough website on the Welcome Page and many other pages.  It ends up being a great historical archive of a lot of activities in the community.  This section was reorganized the beginning of 2021 by year.  This way the pages will be smaller and load faster.  Enjoy looking through all the information.  Thank you.

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2017 December   The New Florence borough utilized the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Web Design Program to start a website.

Highlighted News Event:

30 April 2021

St. Clair Township Police Department Coverage

Police coverage history in New Florence:  Last year, both New Florence police officers resigned late summer.  On January 19th, 2021, the New Florence borough council passed Ordinance No. 1 of 2021, Purchase of Police Services from St. Clair Township.  Police coverage will now be provided by the St. Clair Township Police Department.  If available, the on duty officer will attend the regular New Florence Borough meetings.  Below is more information about the department.

Contact Information

550 Seward Street
Seward, PA 15954
724-600-7300 (Westmoreland County non-emergency number)
In the event of an emergency or requesting police CALL 911
Facebook: St. Clair Township Police Department 
Please be aware that the Facebook page is not constantly monitored, and all requests for police need to go through 911 or the non-emergency number provided above.

Department Personnel

Chief of Police, Officer Jeff Janciga
Captain, Officer Karl Kinkopf
Officer Mark Kasterko
Officer Lindsay Green

The St. Clair Township Board of Supervisors are continuing to grow their police department.  Personnel may be added in the future depending upon the need and Seward’s and New Florence’s participation in a cooperative agreement beyond the initial trial term.  Under the agreement, the police are treating New Florence, Seward, and St. Clair Township as one single coverage area.  Details such as monthly summary reports and policing priorities are still being worked out.  Speeding, use of jake brakes, and illegal drug usage are concerns of the New Florence borough council that will be addressed.  Ordinance violations within New Florence will not be addressed by the St. Clair Township Police Department.  Administrative questions regarding police coverage in New Florence should be sent to the New Florence borough office at 724-235-2000 or the borough email at  Administrative questions concerning the St. Clair Township Police Department should be sent to the St. Clair Township supervisors at 814-446-5211.  Please keep in mind that calling either office will not result in the dispatching of an officer.  Residents must be aware that calling an office is not a substitute for calling 911 or the Westmoreland County non-emergency number.  Thank you.

New Florence Police Department Update, Summer 2020:  Effective 20 July 2020 Chief Chad Salley and Officer Clint Chilcote both resigned from the police department.  Borough council is not seeking replacement officers.


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