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P.O. Box 272
New Florence PA 15944


State taxes for residents of New Florence fall into three categories. There are borough taxes, Westmoreland county general taxes, and school taxes.  The various taxes are collected at different times throughout the year.  The “At Face” due dates for taxes are listed below.  There is a discount for paying early and a penalty for paying late.

Tax Due Dates

Tax Type:At Face Due Date:
Borough Taxes30 June
County General Taxes30 June
School Taxes30 November

The tax collector for the borough is an elected position. The current tax collector is:

Tax Collector

Myrtle Luther
171 5th Street
New Florence PA 15944
Office Hours: Wednesdays 6:30-8:30PM

Examples of what a tax bill looks like are shown below. There is no significance to the color of the bill and change each printing.

If you have questions about local taxes please contact Mrs. Luther during the office hours listed above.

30-Year Tax History

With information provided by the borough tax collector, a 30-year history of rates for borough, school, and county taxes is shown in the chart below.  One thing it shows is that in the past there was a 10-year and 7-year period where taxes weren’t raised.  At first, one might think that was a good thing.  However, also included in the chart is the national historical inflation rate for the US.  Each year that inflation went up, but borough taxes didn’t, represents a loss of capabilities in services and manpower for the borough budget.  Using the US Inflation Calculator from one can calculate how money can change.  For example, let’s say in 1988 the borough budget was $100,000.  To have the same level of purchasing power in 2019 the budget would have to be $217,420.  So, in 30 years the town’s budget would have had to more than doubled just to keep up with inflation.  The borough is in a difficult tax position with a decreasing population, increasing dilapidated property base, and aging fixed-income residents.  This makes it hard for the council to meet its obligation to provide quality services at a minimum to residents, but it strives to do so.

Tax Rates for New Florence PA from 1988 to 2018 Including National Inflation Rates


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