119 Franklin Street
P.O. Box 272
New Florence PA 15944

Police Department

New Florence Police Department Update:  Effective 20 July 2020 Chief Chad Salley and Officer Clint Chilcote both resigned from the police department.  Borough council is actively seeking replacement officers.


If 911 is not working call 724-836-1551 or 724-832-1103 directly.

New Florence Police Department

117 Franklin Street
P.O. Box 308
New Florence PA  15944
724-235-2011 (non-emergency number)
In the event of an emergency or requesting police CALL 911
Facebook: New Florence Police Department

Department Personnel

Chief of Police, Officer Chad Salley – resigned
Officer Clint Chilcote – resigned

Duties and Responsibilities

Pennsylvania state law defines what the duties and responsibilities of a borough police department are.  The specifics can be found in the Consolidated Statutes, Title 8, BOROUGHS AND INCORPORATED TOWNS.  The document is available in HTML, PDF, or Microsoft Word formats.  The duties of a borough solicitor are found in Chapter 11.  Powers, Duties and Rights of Appointed Officers and Employees, Subchapter E, Police.

Police Blotter

The New Florence Police Department does not do a traditional police blotter.  A typical police blotter has Arrestee (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name), Age, Arrest Charge (Crime Code Description), Arrest Date and Time, and Arrest Location.  Instead the police department does a high level summary of monthly policing events.

Monthly Summery Reports

The New Florence Chief of Police generates monthly summaries.  These summaries are presented to the borough council at the monthly borough meetings.  The monthly summaries can be viewed using the tables below.

New Florence Police Department Monthly Summary Reports Archive 2020

Dec 2020
Nov 2020
Oct 2020
Sep 2020
Aug 2020
Jul 2020
Jun 2020
May 2020
Apr 2020POLICE 04-20
Mar 2020POLICE 03-20
Feb 2020POLICE 02-20
Jan 2020POLICE 01-20

New Florence Police Department Monthly Summary Reports Archive 2019

Dec 2019POLICE 12-19
Nov 2019POLICE 11-19
Oct 2019POLICE 10-19
Sep 2019POLICE 09-19
Aug 2019POLICE 08-19
Jul 2019POLICE 07-19
Jun 2019POLICE 06-19
May 2019POLICE 05-19
Apr 2019POLICE 04-19
Mar 2019POLICE 03-19
Feb 2019POLICE 02-19
Jan 2019POLICE 01-19

New Florence Police Department Monthly Summary Reports Archive 2018

Dec 2018POLICE 12-18
Nov 2018POLICE 11-18
Oct 2018POLICE 10-18
Sep 2018POLICE 09-18
Aug 2018POLICE 08-18
Jul 2018POLICE 07-18
Jun 2018POLICE 06-18
May 2018POLICE 05-18
Apr 2018POLICE 04-18
Mar 2018POLICE 03-18
Feb 2018POLICE 02-18
Jan 2018POLICE 01-18

Yearly Summery Reports

Below are yearly summaries of police activity.  The reports are the twelve individual monthly summary reports combined into a single table to easily view the actions of the New Florence police force for that year.

New Florence Police Department 2019 Yearly Summary

New Florence Police Department 2018 Yearly Summary


New Florence Police Car