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2 September 2019

Recently several documents were added to the web site.  They include the police reports for June and July, the agenda for the July council meeting, and then the minutes for the borough council meeting for July.  The June meeting minutes are not available yet.  Finally, a few items were added to the Events Calendar.

Don’t’ forget there is less than 30 days until a few deadlines associated with the New Florence Sesquicentennial Celebration that was held on August 17th, 2019.   There are still several sesquicentennial opportunities available.  You can stop by the New Florence Community Library and order a sesquicentennial yearbook or T-shirt.  There is a 30 September deadline to place these orders Also, Doug Hull is still collecting photographs and such for inclusion into the yearbook.  Please help him out by submitting items.  Please look at the News page and the flyer there to see what he is looking for.  Also, ignore the 10 August date on his flyer.  He’s extended the deadline.  You can also stop by the town library and pick up a squished penny band.  There are lots still available and they are a very cool souvenir.  Also, many thanks to all who came out and made the day special.

23 August 2019

Thank you to all who came out for the New Florence Sesquicentennial Celebration on August 17th, 2019.  While the event is over the memories will last forever.  It appears everyone really enjoyed themselves.

There are still several sesquicentennial opportunities available.  You can stop by the New Florence Community Library to pick up a squished penny band.  There are lots still available.  You can also order a sesquicentennial T-shirt or yearbook.  The library has the order forms for those also.  Please keep in mind there is a deadline of 30 September to place these orders.  Also, Doug Hull is still collecting photographs and such for inclusion into the yearbook.  Please help him out by submitting items for inclusion.  And again, many thanks to all who came out and made the day special.

Here is the information on contacting Doug with yearbook submissions followed by the yearbook order form.  Doug has extended the date to 30 September so please ignore the August 10th date on the flyer.




15 August 2019

Well it’s only two days til the sesquicentennial.  Are you ready?  The day will start with the parade.  Here is an updated list for the Sesquicentennial Parade Participants Line-up 1.  A lot of great folks are participating.  The Grand Marshals for the parade are Grace Morus and Zayva McCachren. Please find more information on these two special ladies by reading the Grand Marshal’s write-up.  After the parade there will be the Opening Ceremony.  Please check out the agenda below.


To help everyone get around here is a map of where the events will occur.  This should help  you as you plan your day.

As part of the Sesquicentennial celebration a yearbook is being put together.  Further below is the call for photographs and such to put together the yearbook.  If you would like to order a yearbook please use this form.


In a previous post the Sesquicentennial committee posted information about the squished pennies acquired as very cool souvenir for the event.  Well the pennies are in and will be available Saturday.  Check out the information below to find out what’s available.

Finally, it’s going to be a busy day.  We are expecting lots of folks to show up for the event.  Here is a quick list of tips for the day that can help all of us out.  We want everyone to have a wonderful time.



9 August 2019

Below is a map of the parking areas available for the day of the Sesquicentennial Event.  The subway will be open all day with a detour at 9th Street to Chestnut Street to 5th Street to cross the Conemaugh River.  Please share with your friends.


30 July 2019

Are you ready for a birthday party?  The Sesquicentennial Celebration is just around the corner.  August 17th is fast approaching.  Please check out these updates.

The Sesquicentennial committee acquired a very cool souvenir for the event.  As some may recall, during the centennial (yes, 50 years ago so you’re old if you attended) there was a New Florence commemorative coin available.  Those of us that have been around a while remember when the Pennsylvania RR had 4 sets of tracks going through town instead of the two sets today.  As kids, my siblings and I would squish coins on the tracks.  It was something to do.  Well the committee has contracted with The Penny Men to have squished pennies as souvenirs for the event.  The squished coins will be available with either a wrist band or a small collector’s book.  They will be available during the event for $5 each.  A big shout out to Todd Gable for doing the artwork for the design.  The one image shows how the Penny Men take a drawing to a final squished penny.  Also, many thanks to Rick Nesmith for posting images of a centennial coin on the New Florence (PA) Area Historical Society Facebook page.  I copied the coin images here so folks could see what they looked like in case you don’t use Facebook.  There’s images of the bands and booklet so you see what they look like too.  The bands will be in assorted colors.  Enjoy.

Next, a huge “THANK YOU” to Lodestar Bus Lines for donating a FREE bus shuttle, and to Chuck Payne for volunteering his time to drive, the day of our event. The shuttle will run all day, 9:00 am – 10:30 pm, from the New Florence VFW to the Library. You can park at the VFW and ride the bus to the fairgrounds for free!

Finally, Doug Hull is putting together a yearbook for the event.  Please look at the flyer below for more information.

1 July 2019

The New Florence Lions Club announced their winners for the June money ticket raffle.  Mike Betts of New Florence won the $300.00 with the winning number of 370.  Stacy Colson of New Florence and Dan Wynn of Derry had the numbers above and below, each winning $100.00.  The club will be doing another ticket the same way for August 31, 2019.  See a club member to purchase a raffle ticket.

30 June 2019

Today the minutes for the May borough council meeting and the May police report were added to the website.  Also, the Sesquicentennial Car Show Participation Flyer was posted.  Do you have an old car, truck, or military vehicle?  Do you want to join in the parade?   Here’s your chance to have some fun.  Check out the flyer for more details.

18 June 2019

Recently quite a few events were added to the calendar.  The anniversary events for the Somerset Trust Company bank were posted.  They are doing something special for the entire week.  Next, two events for New Florence’s library in July were added; a book discussion and a magic show for kids.  The next sesquicentennial meeting was then included.  Finally, the agenda for the borough council meeting for June 18th was published.

31 May 2019

Several documents were added this week to the web site.  They include the police reports for March and April, the agenda for the May council meeting, and then the minutes for the normal borough council meetings for March and April, and finally the agenda and minutes for a special borough council meeting that was held on April 22nd.  The purpose of this special meeting was to award the contract for the Vine Street drainage project.  Additionally, this past week several events were added to the calendar.  The first was the yard sale notice.  Next was the two days dumpsters will be available for New Florence residents to help with cleanup.  Finally, the registration deadline was added for the Squirrel Hill Hunt Clubs annual golf fundraising event.  Also, several additions were made to the Sesquicentennial calendar item on August 17th of this year.  A flyer for the magician’s act was added.  More importantly, the preliminary event schedule for the day was added.  Please check it out to see all the fun activities being planned.

10 May 2019

This past week quite a few items were added to the website.  Several events were added to the calendar.  They are the NF VFD Rippie Bash, the New Florence Memorial Day parade, and the New Florence Community Library book discussion on the French and Indian Raids to name a few.  Additionally, the New Florence Sesquicentennial committee put out their T-Shirt Order Form.  You can download the form (click on form to open in another window to print) or you can pick up an order form at the library.  They also announced a car show will be held during the celebration.  Finally, the Borough Council announced changes to when the borough secretary holds office hours at the building.  The new hours are Monday and Thursday from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

22 April 2019

A new ordinance has been added to the website.  It is Ordinance No. 1 of 2019, STOP SIGNS, ESTABLISHMENT AND PENALTIES.  Please take the time to read this document.  A lot of stop signs are being added to existing intersections that don’t have any.  Please don’t cause an accident by not noticing the new stop signs.  Next, a meeting notice for the New Florence Women’s Club was added to the calendar on May 16th.  The post includes the Season 2019 activities schedule.  Finally, the Squirrel Hill Hunting Club is hosting a fund-raising golf event on July 21st, 2019, at Champion Lakes Golf Course.  A signup sheet is posted.  The Squirrel Hill Hunting Club is a local club that takes a child with a life-threatening illness on a Lifetime Hunt.

16 April 2019

The agenda for tonight’s borough council meeting was posted.  Also, the minutes for the January meeting along with the February police report were added to the website.  Additionally, several meetings were added to the calendar.

24 March 2019

The next meetings for the Sesquicentennial and the NFAHS organizations were added to the Events Calendar.  Additionally, 5 more reports were uploaded to the website. They were the council meeting agendas for 3-7-19 and 3-19-19 along with the council meeting minutes for 10-16-18, 2-19-19, and 3-7-19.

5 March 2019

A special borough council meeting for the 7th of March was added to the calendar.  Also a few reports were uploaded to the website.  They were the council meeting agenda for 2-19-19, the council meeting minutes for 12-18-18, and the police summary report for 01-19.

4 March 2019

Today the New Florence VFW was added to the Residents Community Organizations section.   Then the NF Library ALICE Training and NF VFW Gun Bash events were added to the calendar.  Next, a yearly summary of police activity was added to the Residents Crime & Safety and Government Police Department Sections.  Finally, the Sesquicentennial committee has put out a Sesquicentennial Parade Flyer.  Click on the link to obtain a copy.

15 February 2019

There were some inquires made to borough council members this past week on how to run for office.  That was a great question which led to additions to the website.  The Borough Council and Mayor sections under Government were upgraded to show when the current members’ terms expire and how individuals can run for office.  The Residents Voting section received the same upgrade showing how to run for office.   This year three council seats will be on the ballot.  Individuals interested in running for office should check out the various sections soon since the May primary election is fast approaching.

5 February 2019

The Annual Basket Party for the New Florence Community Library was added to the Events Calendar on February 24th.  Please see the event for more details.

20 January 2019

Several changes have been made to the website these past few days.  In the Residents area sections were added for Crime and Safety and Zoning-Building Permits.  In the Government area a section was added for Ordinances which also discusses building numbers.  Also in the Government area the Solicitor and Police Department areas were updated.  Also, a table was added for 2019 Monthly Meetings under the Borough Council area.  Finally, the Quick Links section on the lower right corner of the Welcome page was fixed.  Also, on the calendar Sesquicentennial event of August 17th several flyers were added for entertainers who will be attending.

9 January 2019

This past week several areas were updated on the website.   All 12 borough council monthly meetings for 2019 were added to the calendar.  Several council meeting agendas and minutes were added that were missing.  Also, the 2019 final budget for the New Florence borough was added to the Government – Borough Council – Budgets.

30 December 2018

The town of New Florence will be celebrating their 150th anniversary with a town-wide celebration on August 17, 2019. The New Florence Sesquicentennial Committee is planning a parade, car cruise, live music, Civil War Encampment, historical displays, pie eating and milk chugging contests, Corn Hole Tournament, fireworks and much more! Volunteers and/or financial donors are needed. Our current funds are low and our planning time is very short. Therefore, we are reaching out to local businesses, organizations, and individuals for support. We would greatly appreciate any monetary donation(s) you could make and, for planning purposes, a reply by February 01, 2019 would be very helpful.  Please note that donations are tax deductible, and major contributors will be announced throughout the event. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 724-235-2000, or email  We hope to see you at our Celebration in August! Carol Henderson, Chairman New Florence Sesquicentennial Committee Sesquicentennial Donation Form: MS Word  or JPEG below. 15 December 2018

The town bulletin board at the post office got it’s own place in the Residents section.  Be sure to check out the bulletin board when you get a chance.  A lot of different items show up on it.

9 December 2018

A sections for the Westmoreland County Geographical Information Systems (GIS) was added to the Residents section.  The GIS is the primary tax assessment management tool used by the county.

2 December 2018

Sections for Voting, Bus Service, and the Post Office were added to the Residents section.

19 November 2018

Remaining borough council agendas and minutes added to the table in borough council minutes is now up to date.

19 November 2018

Please check out the flyer below to find out about Christmas activities in New Florence.

3 November 2018

Today major changes were made to the Government section of the website.  Multiple sub-pages were added with a lot of agenda, minutes, budget, and other data published.

27 October 2018

A major change was made to the borough website today.  You will see now is most information is split between the Residents and Government menus.  The tax collector now has her own new section under Residents.  The original Utilities page is also gone since it was replaced with an upgraded version.

27 October 2018

Great news! The Facebook fundraiser for K9 Officer Gunner reached it’s goal of $3,000 today. The dog can now attend its Phase 1 formal training.  It time, the officer will be a great asset to Chief Salley and the New Florence Police Department.

10 October 2018

Dumpsters will be available for New Florence Borough residents on Friday, October 19th and Saturday, October 20th at the Yellow Brick School on 8th Street. Hours will be from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm or until the dumpsters are full Household and yard waste ONLY.  No tires, batteries, appliances, electronics or hazardous waste will be accepted.

24 September 2018

Fall is now here as of 9:54 PM on Saturday September 22nd.  Please don’t rake, mow, or blow leaves onto the streets.  They will clog the storm drain system if you do.  Thanks! Please don’t discharge grass cuttings onto the streets, not only is it dangerous for motorcycles and bicycles, it also gets into our drains.

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Burn Days:  Tuesday and Friday 5-7  (paper products only) Please don’t forget to call 811 prior to any digging or excavating projects.

  1. Sesquicentennial Yearbook Submission Reminder

    September 23 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
  2. Sesquicentennial T-Shirt and Yearbook Order Deadline

    September 30 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
  3. Borough Council Meeting

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