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The Westmoreland County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a mapping application used by the county.  It fulfills a statutory requirement that all taxable property be mapped.  It is a vital tool in the tax assessment process.  The main GIS page can be found at GIS.  Besides access to the tax mapping site there is a very interesting section on Historic Maps and Resources.  There is also a basic help section on how to use the tax mapping site and another section on how to print out various portions of the tax maps.  The mapping application can be accessed by clicking the Go To Tax Mapping Site link.  Before reaching the maps you will be directed to the Tax Mapping Site Disclaimer first.  Click the Accept link at the bottom and you’ll continue to the maps.

The mapping system is fairly easy to use.  In the top left side of the screen is a zoom function that helps you move in and out of the image you’re viewing.  Along the right side of the screen is a series of features.  Click on the item and follow its directions to learn more detail.  With a little bit of practice you’ll find it’s easy to navigate through the tax maps.  One can find out a lot of information from the mapping system.  For example, you can find what size the property lots are, who owns the lot, and what taxes are paid each year for that lot.  There are a variety of base maps you can select.  In particular some of the more recent satellite images are really spectacular.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the mapping system please contact the GIS department using the email link on the main GIS page or the contact information listed below.

Westmoreland County GIS Department

Westmoreland County GIS Department
40 North Pennsylvania Ave
Suite 430
Greensburg, PA 15601
FAX: 724-830-3418

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