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2021 News Archive

19 January 2021

The agenda for the 19 January borough council meeting was just posted.  AGENDA 01-19-21

16 January 2021

Borough Ordinance Update:  In 2018 borough council had the company General Code do a review of the borough ordinances.  General Code specializes in codifying municipality laws by putting them in an orderly form.  Codification allows your local legislation to be gathered by topic and systematically arranged into an accurate and enforceable code of laws. Your municipal code clearly articulates a unique legislative framework that enables everyone in your community to live and work safely, productively and with mutual respect.  Codification also helps to deter the municipal legislative body from enacting redundant or inconsistent new ordinances, and lets the council or board view the body of law as a whole and note any gaps in coverage which may need legislation.  The result of the General Code review was a seven-page report giving the disposition status of all the materials submitted.  The original report is General Code Ordinance Disposition List.  A lot of the items ended up being identified as NCM, Not Code Material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).  Most items fell into 5 categories.  The borough website administrator took the original report and converted it into an Excel spreadsheet.  Council members can easily work with this file format.  That full converted listing can be found in a PDF report here: NF Ordinance Disposition Master List 16 Jul 2020.  If one reviews the report, you’ll find seven different sections.  In Section 5 are items identified in the General Code report that appear to be valid code material.  There are 54 items in this category.  Each of these items needs to be reviewed and acted on by the borough council.  These items can be kept as is, update, or cancelled as need be.  Two of these items are currently listed on the borough website on the Ordinance page.  A PDF version of this subset is here: NF Ordinance Disposition Section 5 Subset List 16 Jul 2020.  Council has set up a subcommittee to review all these items and determine the proper course of action for each item.  An interesting historical tidbit is the first unnumbered ordinance that was enacted on the 7th of December 1869.  Its title is: Governing of New Florence Borough.  This appears to be the creation of governing body for New Florence.  Over time Section 5 will result in more ordinances being clarified within the borough laws.  As those laws are updated their disposition will be clarified on the website.  If you have any questions on the above information, please contact a member of the borough council.

12 January 2021

Final Order Take 2 Deadline: New Florence Sesquicentennial Yearbook

One last time… I have had even more requests for more New Florence Sesquicentennial Yearbooks so I will make one FINAL order. I will take orders until the end of the month, January 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.  Books are normally $25.00 each but I may need to adjust the price a little if it is a small order to cover the shipping, handling, etc. costs. I won’t know the final price until the order is placed but I expect it to remain pretty close to the $25. Who still wants to order one?  Please, if you order books, I need your contact information.  A cell phone number to text you when the book arrives would be helpful.  Also, a street address so I know where to drop it off (obviously if you’re local).  My contact information is below.  Thank you, Doug.

Douglas C. Hull
1134 Bethel Cemetery Rd
New Florence, PA 15944

Telephone:    724-719-8390 after 6 p.m.

Note: The date was fixed on all the reorders.

9 January 2021

News Web Page:  The News section is a collection of all the information that’s been posted in the past to the borough website on the Welcome Page and many other pages.  It ends up being a great historical archive of a lot of activities in the community.  This section was reorganized on 9 January 2021 by year.  This way the pages will be smaller and load faster.  Enjoy looking through all the information.  Thank you.

3 January 2021

 As we start the new year let’s hope for a better, safer year than last.  With the new year comes lots of updates to the website.  First, the 12 normal monthly borough council meetings were added to the Events Calendar.  These meetings will be held in the basement of the old yellow school building until the COVID-19 crisis has slowed to were the meetings can resume back in the borough building.  The 2021 Borough Council Meeting Minutes Archive 2021 table was created and added to the Monthly Meetings page.  This table contains the agendas and minutes of the borough council meetings.  Next, with the passing of Mary Strucaly, the borough secretary/treasurer position is vacant.  An ad is being published for hiring a new borough secretary/treasurer.  You can review the ad here if interested.  NF Secretary – Treasure Hiring Announcement January 2021 After much discussion, the borough council has agreed to move forward in conjunction with the Seward borough on purchasing police services from St. Clair Township.  Attached is the notice of the pending ordinance adopting said services planned for the January 19th, 2021, council meeting.  Notice of Pending Ordinance Adoption for Police Service 12.17.20 Also, during the December council meeting the 2021 budget and tax rate was passed.  The information is in Resolution 4 of 2020, Tax Resolution for 2021.  To help complete the website updates the minutes for the November 2020 council meeting were posted.  Finally, the borough council was saddened to hear of the unexpected passing of State Representative Mike Reese.  He cared about the communities he served and will be missed.  More information on the story can be found at State Representative Mike Reese Dead at 42.

  1. Final Order Take 2 Deadline: New Florence Sesquicentennial Yearbook.

    January 31 @ 11:00 pm - 11:30 pm
  2. New Florence Community Library Adult Book Club

    February 10 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  3. Borough Council Meeting

    February 16 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm