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Welcome to the New Florence Borough Website!

Please check out the News section for information on how to donate to the Sesquicentennial Committee.  They are looking for donations by 1 February 2019. There are a lot of wonderful events planned they are trying to make happen.  If you can, help them out.  Thank you.

Several changes have been made to the website these past few days.  In the Residents area sections were added for Crime and Safety and Zoning-Building Permits.  In the Government area a section was added for Ordinances which also discusses building numbers.  Also in the Government area the Solicitor and Police Department areas were updated.  Also, a table was added for 2019 Monthly Meetings under the Borough Council area.  Finally, the Quick Links section on the lower right corner of the Welcome page was fixed.  Also, on the calendar Sesquicentennial event of August 17th several flyers were added for entertainers who will be attending.

A note on the calendar on the right side of the screen.  It only shows the next 3 upcoming events.  At the bottom if you click on “View All Events” it will bring up a calendar showing the entire month.  You can then scroll through the months or click on individual items to learn more about various events.

The website is continuing to grow as more information and photographs are added.  Please send any feedback, questions, or comments to the info address below.  Thanks, the Webmaster.

Please contact us at

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